Many dogs are stoic and therfore pain or discomfort can only be identified as changes in behaviour or normal habits.

Physioterhapy can help your dog reach its full athletic potential, maintain a good quality of life or rehabilitate from an injury or surgery.

Dogs often become anxious in new environments and therefore assessments can be offered in the dog’s own home to reduce stress for the dog if required or within a local vet surgery.

Manual therapies and electrotherapy can be used on dogs much as they are used on humans and horses. These can be complimented by exercise regimes that can be taught to the owner or handler to help maintain and support recovery and maintain a good qu ality of life.

​Working/competition dogs are subjected to far more stresses and strains than the average pet dog. In order to perform to their optimum ability they require sport specific conditioning and advanced skills in core stability, natural balance, body awareness, concentration and confidence. Prevention is always better than a cure; therefore I offer maintenance sessions for these types of athletes. Changes in performance or temperament can be subtle and it is important for this to be treated at the acute stage, where possible, as chronic changes begin to take place and cause secondary compensations to occur which may cause more serious problems over time.